University of Phoenix Celebrates the 2022 Recipients of HOSA-Future Health Professional Scholarships

On June 22, University of Phoenix announced the winners of the 2022 HOSA-Future Health Professionals scholarships at an awards event in Nashville. HOSA-Future Health Professionals is an international organization that aims to give its student members the tools they need to pursue leadership positions in the global healthcare community.

Each year, the HOSA-Future Health Professionals organization grants scholarships to students studying healthcare-related subjects who are planning to enter careers within this field. These scholarships recognize and reward students’ academic achievements and provide a degree of financial support for their journeys into the field of healthcare.

What Is HOSA-Future Health Professionals?

The HOSA-Future Health Professionals organization works to educate and collaborate with its student members to provide them with career opportunities in the healthcare space. It is a student-led organization that is officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services. The organization launched in 1976, and, since then has gained over 260,000 members around the world.

HOSA-Future Health Professionals focuses on providing its student membership base with the tools it needs to gain technical knowledge and in-depth medical training, both of which are essential in the healthcare space. However, it also works to train student members in soft skills such as communication, adaptability and flexibility.

Moreover, HOSA-Future Health Professionals aims to develop its members’ leadership skills to help them secure managerial positions in their respective healthcare-related fields. The organization gives its members various leadership development opportunities. These include the opportunity to participate in local, state or national leadership training sessions. There are also regular competitive events to encourage students to go above and beyond the standards required of them in their academic courses or degree programs. This allows students to set themselves apart from other potential employees in a potentially competitive job market.

2022 HOSA-Future Health Professionals Scholarship Winners

As part of its commitment to providing ongoing opportunities to healthcare students, HOSA-Future Health Professionals awards scholarships to students each year. The organization accepts scholarship contributions from its sponsors of up to $1,000.

This year’s scholarship program had 100 recipients including Ajay Macherla from Pennsylvania and Madison Wilson from Alabama. The organization awarded these two winners $1,000 each in recognition of their academic excellence and to provide continuing support for their healthcare education.

Jim Koeninger, Ph.D., is the executive director at HOSA-Future Health Professionals. He has emphasized that the organization is proud of the work it does with its partners. It is, in part, due to the support of contributors  like University of Phoenix that HOSA-Future Health Professionals can present the scholarships to deserving students. The scholarships help prepare the student winners for their future careers as healthcare professionals.

University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions

University of Phoenix’s Workforce Solutions team is a keen supporter of HOSA-Future Health Professionals’ work. This team collaborates closely with a variety of companies and students at community colleges to provide a range of education opportunities. They offer several flexible training solutions, such as apprenticeships, workshops, courses and degree programs, to upskill a company’s current or future employees or to provide nontraditional education solutions for community college students.

Workforce Solutions also aims to give employers the tools they need to help retrain and retain their employees. Companies can support their members of staff by providing career development opportunities through this team, allowing them to achieve long-term growth within that company.

Vice president of Corporate and Academic Alliances at Workforce Solutions, Collene Bay Andersen, has explained that the University’s Workforce Solutions team is an official education partner of HOSA-Future Health Professionals. Through this partnership, Workforce Solutions provides support to both the annual HOSA event and the scholarship provisions.

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