Top 3 programming languages every programmer should learn

Are you considering a career as a developer? Are you a beginner and confused about what basic languages to learn? You are not alone. Many graduates have this dilemma. To start your career and excel as a developer you should have a basic knowledge of a few of the popular and most used coding languages.

Java certification course is a good way to start. As Java is the most used programming language, you must learn Java programming for beginners. Along with Java let’s discuss the other coding languages beginners should know.

Top 3 programming languages programmers must learn

  • Java

Java is among the most famous and most preferred programming languages in every corner of the world. Java programming gained popularity in the last two decades and has been ruling the world of server-side applications since then.

Not only for coders but advanced Java is a must-learn language for game and app developers as it is widely used in gaming and developing Android apps as well. Java basic programs will help you create robust server-side applications and work on projects of varying complexity. Not only this but a Java course will help you with the skills of coding structures and application programming that will help learn other languages as well.

  • Python

Along with Java Python are another popular coding language and one of the most taught languages across the world. In recent years Python has replaced Java in many applications and is used as the scripting and object-oriented language for larger projects.

Many popular websites such as Reddit are built using Python. So why should you learn Python? Many organizations are switching to Python-based frameworks and are largely using Python as a scripting language. Learning Python beforehand will help you land a better entry-level job as a developer helping you build a successful career right from the start.

  • JavaScript

When computer programming and app development came into the picture in recent years the most popular languages C and C++ were replaced by Ruby and now Python has taken place of Java in many organizations. But there is no replacement for JavaScript in today’s world.

In recent times JavaScript has completely dominated the coding world. It is not only used as a server-side language anymore but also the client-side with the addition of libraries and frameworks like Angular.js, node.js, and react.js. If you are working as a Java programmer learning JavaScript is a must as you will be getting chances to work on JSP and Servlet based applications where JavaScript and jQuery are majorly used.

To build a fruitful career as a programmer you should learn at least one new language every year to stay updated with advanced technology and trends. But these three languages are a must-learn for every programmer to start their career.