The Many Advantages Of Attending a Private Driving School.

Most of us remember when we started to try to drive for the first time. We would sit in our parent’s car and pretend we were out on the open road making the noises of the engine as we turned the steering wheel left and right. We all dreamed of the day when we could get out in a real car driving on the Australian roads. However, none of us are naturally born drivers and we need to be taught the rules of the road and the Do’s and the Don’ts of driving. Our parents only showed us so much, for everything else, we had to find a competent driving instructor.

Not much has changed since then, but the driving test has become more difficult and they are a lot stricter about who they allow out on the roads. Thankfully, the LTrent Driving School is up to the task and they have been helping young and older people pass the Australian driving test for some years now. They have years of experience teaching the latest driving skills and knowledge needed and they put their students at great ease when they do it. There is so much to learn and they will put you through your paces until you know how to do it with your eyes shut.

The following are just some of the necessary driving skills that you will need and be taught in order to get your driving licence.

  • The three point turn is a manoeuvre that we all need to learn because we use it numerous times in a day while out driving. There might not be a place to reverse into as the property might be private and you might have to make the necessary turn on the main road itself.
  • Learning to reverse the car is something that many students find quite difficult to do. Everyone can drive forward, but it is the going back using your rear view and wing mirrors that makes it difficult. You also have to stay within an acceptable distance from the kerb and you can’t hit it.
  • The hill start is a very difficult thing to do and you really need to be able to ascertain the clutch biting point before you can successfully do this. Thankfully, the car that you will be learning in will have dual controls, so your instructor can assist until you get good at it.

The advantages of attending a professional driving school are many, but here are a couple to give you an idea. They have all the necessary insurance, so that if you make a mistake, everything is covered. This will give you the peace of mind required to concentrate and do well. They provide the car which is usually a smaller model. It will have dual controls, so that your instructor can keep you safe until you are ready to do it all yourself. It will be no time at all until you pass your test, get your licence and you are out by yourself on the open road.