The Different Schooling Options Available In Bangkok

When you are looking at schooling in Bangkok, you have many options from which you can choose, but the standard of the schools can vary quite drastically. Something else that varies is the fees that each school charges, depending on what type of school it is. Below you will find more information on the different types of schools in Thailand and where you can send your children for the best possible education when you live in Bangkok.

International Schools In Bangkok

Bangkok has many international schools you can consider sending your children to, with a wide variety of curriculums available. You can select an American high school in Bangkok, British, Australian, French, and a whole host of other curriculums for your children’s education. International schools are split into three categories from one to three, and the most prestigious schools will be rated one, which is also the most expensive. The cheapest international schools are in category three, and compared to the other schooling options, these can still be expensive. Whatever category the international school is that you send your children to, you can be assured they will receive a quality education.

Private Schools In Bangkok

The next best option other than an international school in Bangkok is selecting a private school. These are like international schools in how they are set up, but they are often not taught solely in English, unlike their international counterparts. However, they will usually have an English immersion program, which is an additional charge. The class sizes can also be larger than in international schools, but your children can still receive an excellent education when they work hard and apply themselves.

Government Schools In Bangkok

The cheapest option for education in Thailand is sending your children to a government school. However, most classes will be in Thai, which can be challenging for your kids if they do not speak, read, and write the Thai language. You can also get class sizes with fifty to sixty children, so it is often not an environment conducive to learning. They do try their best, though, with the limited funds, resources, and qualified English teachers they have available. If you can, you may wish to send your children to a private or international school.

These are the primary schooling options for educating your children in Thailand, and for more information, you can click here. There are also plenty of private tutors, and independent extracurricular schools you can send your children to that will help enhance their studies.