Technology Transfer Situation Study – Pathfinders for Independent Living, Corporation.

Midlands Innovation event at the Shard. Photos by Alex Wilkinson Media

Pathfinders for Independent Living, Corporation., a nonprofit organization, began following the passing from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.) Pathfinders provides information and help seniors and disabled individuals as well as their caregivers regarding how to live as individually as you possibly can. Its core value would be to Promote Self-Reliance. The culture within Pathfinders is among friendly support. Pathfinders’ IT leadership suggested a task to create and make a network infrastructure that will provide to safeguard sensitive data, data storage, Access to the internet, email access, updated applications and hardware, and user training. Altering the atmosphere would modify the business structure and culture of Pathfinders. This paper discusses the business changes that happened due a general change in technology.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer describes activities which have the purpose of creating measurable process improvement with the adoption of recent practices. Assistive technology cuts down on the gap felt by disabled and seniors individuals in accomplishing day to day activities. A few of these technology is text telephones, Braille computer monitors, infrared pointing devices, artificial braches, and assistive software. Presenting and inspiring using these technologies and many more to Pathfinders’ consumers, is really a responsibility from the independent living specialists.

The independent living specialists profit the consumers in identifying the assistive technologies needed, trying to get funding to buy the technologies, and educating the general public around the various technologies available. However to supply its services to the consumers, Pathfinders had to adjust to current information technologies.

A Method for Technology Transfer

Recognizing the connection between technology transfer and process improvement is prime to Pathfinders’ method of change. Technology can’t be altered without some effect on the procedure or personnel which use the technology, whether it is a rise in productivity, a decrease in cost, or perhaps a fundamental alternation in method. Numerous key issues needed to be addressed for that technology to become effectively transferred. They are split into several groups technology issues, process changes, and alterations in culture.

Technology Issues

Pathfinders would join the data Age by using, new computers, file servers, network printers, a lan (LAN), and Access to the internet. Cellular phone process needed preparing the Computers before delivering these to Pathfinders, then a vacation to the office site to construct the network and deploy the gear. The Computers were standardized on Microsoft applications. Following installing the network, etc., training on using the program was provided. With installing the infrastructure complete, each independent living specialist and also the executive director were built with a pc, email, and Access to the internet.

Designing and creating a training center provided the chance for anybody in the future in and find out more about computers and office software. Pathfinders provided some fundamental courses. Furthermore, computer books were readily available for use using the computers to understand ways to use the programs. Internet access was provided. Funding was allotted through federal funds to aid the alterations in technology.

Process Changes

Prior to the technology changes, there have been 3 stand-alone Computers readily available for use through the staff, these Computers were early, running DOS applications. Employees were made to share the Computers or use typewriters to accomplish correspondence. Data was maintained on diskettes and hardcopy. Internet access for research was accomplished by visiting the neighborhood library, which consumed valuable sources of your time and personnel. Deploying the brand new infrastructure considerably altered how a employees labored. The alterations in infrastructure gave real-time internet access, consumer data, and improved data security.

Alterations in Culture

Before the deployment of technology, the workers were equal within their understanding of utilizing the accessible tools at Pathfinders. Using the delivery of the network, a simple change happened inside the worker dynamics. An environment of bitterness developed because of an imbalance of understanding and workload. A few of the employees went from their method to keep the advancement in technology therefore, improving their and themselves work processes. They went after the academic possibilities provided to them by Pathfinders that has been enhanced their understanding laptop or computer applications. Productivity of these individuals elevated, causing a rise in satisfaction by Pathfinders’ consumers.

On the other hand, there is a minority of employees, who required a stance in not excepting these changes. These people spent much of time complaining that they couldn’t perform the work while using tools provided, or frequently requested the aid of the workers that understood the technology. Disease fighting capability were used to justify their reactions towards the new technology. These employees viewed the technology change like a threat and wanted nothing related to improving their computing skills or the work they do atmosphere. However, as practice and training in making use of the enhancements towards the technology progressed, acceptance started to improve and resistance started to lower. Change is tough in most organizations but in which to stay business Pathfinders was made to change using the occasions.